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006. the haunted -

Sometimes when I sleep,

I dream of —

your smile,

in a while,

across the mile

Where I listen to —

your voice,

a noise,

of poise

In a world where —

a kiss,

the bliss,

between mist

005. we were there -

We were there when the clouds burst and the sky dispersed to millions of robust colors and vibrant strokes, summer breeze and ocean salt enveloped, developed as we laughed into the sun, innocent young hearts too foolish, too trusting.

Five fingers of mine between five fingers of yours; ten fingers they intertwined, perfect little braid made of skin.

We were there yesterday.

And now we are not.

(because it’s just me and me alone)

004. blues -

a song she churns,

in a heart that mourns,

when blues paint her,

the heart bleeds bruise

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